50 Cent

Top Rappers Who Don’t Do Drugs 2020.

While many musicians struggle with drugs and alcohol, others choose to remain sober or get clean after experiences with addiction.

Talking of rappers, the first thing that comes to our minds is drugs, alcohol and parties all day, today we look at rappers who don’t do drugs.

50 cent:

Top Rappers Who Don't Do Drugs 2020.

In 2011, 50 cent told Piers Morgan during an interview that even though he sold drugs, he never made use of any, he went I ahead to say that he does not take alcohol after a very bad experience. It is quite confusing. When asked about his two songs ‘get rich or die trying’ and ‘high all the time’ he simply told them that he said those because every other rapper at that time was rapping that way and selling 500,000 copies. Now you, you don’t have to judge the book by the cover.


Top Rappers Who Don't Do Drugs 2020.

Eminem, our own rap god has in the past struggle with addiction, but in April of 2008, he decided to keep clean, in ‘Am not afraid’ he sang about staying clean and focusing only on his family. He has been a big motivation to all young people that you can overcome whatever it is you are going through, if you are determined. Just keep your head up.

Pharrell Williams:

Top Rappers Who Don't Do Drugs 2020.

Our own Pharrell Williams made the list, the ‘happy’ crooner does not take alcohol, doesn’t smoke and doesn’t take drugs. In an interview with paper magazine, he said he has been drunk only 9 times in his entire life. So living a particular life is by choice.

Kid Cudi:

Top Rappers Who Don't Do Drugs 2020.

Kid Cudi became an alcoholic and cocaine addict after becoming a famous rapper, but he was able to give up both vices cold turkey. In an interview, the rapper stated:

“People want you to be one person and stick with it and I chose to be clean and be sober and get my life together. For myself, for my health, for my daughter, for my family.”

Kendrick Lamar:

Top Rappers Who Don't Do Drugs 2020.

Kendrick Lamar, a multiple award winning singer, does not take alcohol and drugs because his father advice him not to make the same mistake he made, he said this during an interview with SPIN’s. Though he did some when growing up but decided to stop. “I don’t smoke, period.” Lamar told Complex magazine. “But I’m surrounded by crackheads.”


Top Rappers Who Don't Do Drugs 2020.

Macklemore has struggled with remaining sober his whole life. The Platinum-selling rapper once said he developed drinking habbit at a tender age of thirteen, but in 2008, he decided to keep clean and today we can say, we are proud of him.

Gucci Mane:

Top Rappers Who Don't Do Drugs 2020.

Gucci Mane sobered up while serving time in prison. The rapper said of the experience:

“I was on drugs so bad, I talked different. When I was smoking damn near a pound of weed every other day, I was congested. When I was drinking lean like crazy every day, I was out of my mind.”

Joe Budden:

Top Rappers Who Don't Do Drugs 2020.

Joe Budden credits Eminem with helping him to get sober. “Life started to become unmanageable at that point, so it was time,” he said.


Top Rappers Who Don't Do Drugs 2020.

In a 2012 interview, rapper Hopsin claimed to practice sobriety. The rapper stated: 

“You know If I go to the club or a party, I’m never wasted or anything. I’m sober, and I’m still having fun. A lot of people feel like they can’t have fun without being intoxicated or something. That’s not true. A lot of people are just so used to partying that way. They just don’t know how to have fun.”

No matter what happens in life, your decision matters a lot, choose what you want in life and don’t let the society choose for you.

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