Chess Nthusi – Thee Firemomma Is Back!

Chess Nthusi

Singer, songwriter and performer Chess Nthusi is back to the scene as Thee Firemomma with her new track dubbed MWIBA. Translating to Thorn in English,Mwiba is a power anthem for the heartbroken women. It is a soundtrack for the ending of a bittersweet romance, a romance that quickly fades because of the man’s unfaithfulness.

Thee Firemomma compares the pain of her lover’s constant betrayal to the pain of having a thorn stuck in your flesh. MWIBA is Swahili for ‘thorn’ hence the title.

This is not your typical heartbreak song. As opposed to Thee Firemomma crying and blaming herself for the end of this romantic adventure,she holds her head up despite how hurt she is. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

She knows her worth. Life goes on.

Beat produced by Neevo Worldwide for LUS Music.

Mixed and Mastered by Luttah Legacy for LUS Music.

Video shot by Kedi Visuals Post production by LUS Music.

Stream the video below:

Author: muziki media