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Songwriter Lorah Kay Breaks Up With Comedian Headmasta, Dropping Him As Her Manager.

Kenya’s top rising musician Lorah Kay has raised eye brows after abruptly ending her relationship with Comedian Headmasta on Thursday, May 2020 which was confirmed from a sheart breaking message send by Lorah.

Lorah Kay

As stated by Headmasta the relationship which started dating on the year 2019 after the first edition of the E360 awards where both met exchanged contacts.

Lorah reasons to end the relationship was clear and moving on was the right choice she wanted to make accusing Headmasta for being unsupportive in her life and therefore saw no reason of staying where she was not supported.

Headmasta on the other hand saw the reason being so lame to end a relationship which was one year old, to him he has no doubts that his ex lover Lorah is seeing someone else to can’t allow her to continue staying with him.

Comedian Headmasta
Comedian Headmasta

You can’t just end a relationship claiming am not responsible and not supportive, that’s so lame it doesn’t make sense, to me Lorah is seeing someone else who gave her lots of pressure to end our relationship and he succeeded, “ said Headmasta.

Lorah also dropped Headmasta as her manager having given him the job a month ago siting that he cannot work with him because he doesn’t understand how music industry work.

Headmasta was dropped from being the songwriters manager despite his efforts to prove he can be a good manager and this followed by Lorah rejecting the first ever project he wanted to do with her as claimed by Headmasta.

“Lorah came to me and asked me to be her manager saying she tired of working alone to me it wasn’t such a big deal because am also in the entertainment industry, I was planning a project for her and it was in process but she rejected the project saying she was not interested the statement followed her sacking me as her music manager,”HeadMasta added

Headmasta loosing his manager job and cancellation of a project which was in process came after Lorah had sent him a break up message.

As confirmed by the two couples , it clear and without doubt that Comedian Headmasta and songwriter Lorah are no longer dating.

Comedian Headmasta
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