Shaggy Celebrates 20th Anniversary Of ‘Hot Shot’ Album With Updated Version, ‘Hot Shot 2020’ | News

Shaggy has announced that he intends to release a new version of his multi-Platinum studio album, Hot Shot from 2000, which will be called Hot Shot 2020. The original album included the mega-hit It Wasn’t Me. He’s releasing the album to celebrate the song that is widely regarded as his breakthrough into the pop market.

To this day the song is his highest-charting one. When it peaked it topped the charts in Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Poland, the United States, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

In 2001 it was the best-selling single in the United Kingdom, selling over 1.15 million copies that year and over 1.42 million as of 2017. It Wasn’t Me is the first single from Jamaican-American reggae artist Shaggy’s Hot Shot. The song features vocals from both Shaggy and Rikrok.

Shaggy, whose real name Orville Richard Burrell, confirmed the new album while speaking with the Daily Mail UK, at his New York studio, while under quarantine. He also reminisced about the success of the song.

Shaggy Celebrates 20th Anniversary Of ‘Hot Shot’ Album With Updated Version, ‘Hot Shot 2020’ | News

“We brought some really timeless records. It just resonates with all these younger generations. So that’s why it’s really cool now when we decided to do an anniversary album, it was like boom, yeah let’s put It wasn’t me as the first single,” he said.

He also revealed that the song is still successful around the world, adding “it hasn’t stopped.” The anniversary album will also feature some of Shaggy’s classics like Boombastic and Oh Carolina, both of which were very successful in the Caribbean.

The album will definitely be a contender on the Dancehall charts as he also confirmed that he will be dropping four new songs and one of them will feature Pop star Sting. He anticipates a whole new sound because of new sound engineering techniques.

“Why not just do these records that are huge anthems that are part of these people’s lives and their memories and it brings us a little back to humanity of what we knew the world before this pandemic and hopefully we can get back to it.”
The new version of It Wasn’t Me has already been released. A video on Youtube posted yesterday has the song listed as It Wasn’t Me (Hot Shot 2020) and features the original veteran duo Shaggy and Rayvon. The original singer Rikrok doesn’t appear on the new version.

Shaggy Celebrates 20th Anniversary Of ‘Hot Shot’ Album With Updated Version, ‘Hot Shot 2020’ | News

The beat sounds a bit slower than the original but somehow is catchier and the sound is much cleaner. Shaggy’s vocals are also as strong as when he was in his prime. Hot Shot 2020 is expected to be released soon.

Here is the video:

Source: dancehallmag

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