Raj’s Beautiful & Exquisite (BAE 2) Album 2020

Raj Beautiful & Exquisite BAE 2 Album

Kenyan rapper Raj is familiar to Hip Hop lovers in the country and beyond.His real name is Rajiv Okemwa, named after Rajiv Gandhi, an Indian Prime Minister who was assassinated a few years before he was born. Raj the multi-talented, prolific hip-hop artiste in the game today is also the CEO at ‘Music Bank’ an entertainment company that specializes in audio and visual production, advertising and talent management.

Raj’s music style is a fusion of Swahili, English and the Kisii Language.

The Young King has been doing weekly music releases dubbed BAE (Beautiful And Exquisite) The 1st BAE release dropped back in 2016 after a successful 18 weeks of releasing new music every Tuesday (BAE Tuesday) without fail.

Beautiful And Exquisite

The Release of BAE 2 kicked off on 6th August 2019 with the 1st track titled Rora.

The track Rora was produced by IlogosMusic. Rora is a Kisii word that means Look and the song tells the tale of a girl who Raj has his eyes on.

Tiger Power is the 2nd track on BAE2.The song pays homage to Conrad Njeru Karukenya also known as Tiger Power,who held the title of the ‘Strongest man in Kenya’ and the ‘Second Most Strongest person in the world.’

Supa Loaf featuring Kenyan popular rapper Kristoff is the third record off of Raj’s BAE 2.0 Album. Supa Loaf talks the tale of money versus love.

Ngina is the fourth record off the BAE2 Album produced by Lucky. Ngina is dedicated to the first daughter, Miss Ngina Kenyatta, the daughter of Kenya’s 5th and current president Uhuru Kenyatta.

Kira is the fifth record off the BAE2 Album produced by Sadafa.Kira is a Kisii word that literally translates to ‘Don’t cry’ and the song comforts a beautiful girl who is in limbo about her love life.

One featuring the AD Family (Boutross, Dope-i-mean, Kay Green) & Alu-Vee is the sixth record off the BAE2 Album.One talks about a girl who believes in her lover.

Omogambi is the seventh record off the BAE2 Album. Omogambi is a Kisii word that means ‘Leader’ or ‘Chief’ and in the song RAJ cites himself as a leader too, albeit in his field, just as the regional and world political leaders mentioned in the song.

Raj has continued dropping new music every Tuesday leading to an amazing 40 music episodes with the latest one being ‘Tiga Wana’ out now


Stream the full BAE 2 Episodes below:

Some of the other tracks on the BAE 2 Album include:

  1. Wacha Nikule
  2. Njoo
  3. Fo With Lofe
  4. Gimme The Love Ft. Shawboya
  5. Kaende Sana Ft. Kay S
  6. African Queen Ft. Lofe
  7. Jaza
  8. Do Re Mi
  9. Nipe Love Ft. Dylan
  10. Murder Ft. Nebullaz & King Bilari
  11. Pretty Gal Dem Ft. Wakali Wao & Lofe
  12. Kilimanjaro Bars
  13. Oki Ft. Marshall
  14. For You Ft. Sati
  15. Liki Liki
  16. Halua
  17. Chali Ft. Bochaberi
  18. Jiggle Ft. Chozen Bwoy
  19. Minyoka
  20. Bamba
  21. Igo Remix Ft. Victoria Kimani

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