Qualities Of A Competent DJ

DJs are indispensable for great occasions because they help to spice up the day. There are some hidden qualities of a DJ which goes a long way to determine success … Read More

Why Being an Artist is Not All About the Money

What is an artist, the fine artist, artisan, and a craftsman? Artist-is an individual who creates products for commercial businesses. Two examples are graphic designers and book illustrators. Fine Artist-An … Read More

8 Benefits of Listening to Music

Based on many research studies, we can say that the health benefits of listening to music have been proven. For instance, music can help improve your IQ score in addition … Read More

MoneyChap Crowdfunding Platform Launch

Kenyan startup MoneyChap , which is a platform that allows both entrepreneurs, Creatives, individuals and organizations raise funds easily and securely for causes and projects that matter, just launched in … Read More

Top Comedians in Kenya 2020!

Comedy in Kenya has really grown over the years and today we feature the Top 4 Kenyan comedians. Kenya’s comedy industry has been growing tremendously since it became a popular … Read More

5 Kenyan Artists To Watch In 2020.

Nobody can predict the future. Not least the future of music in Kenya, dictated as it often is by factors beyond just talent. But there are some artists so fizzing … Read More

List Of 6 Artists Who Became More Famous After Death

There are many artists who continue to live with us through their work. Whether they sought recognition or not, none of them could have known just how famous they would … Read More

Top Rappers Who Don’t Do Drugs 2020.

While many musicians struggle with drugs and alcohol, others choose to remain sober or get clean after experiences with addiction. Talking of rappers, the first thing that comes to our minds is … Read More

7 Must Listen Kenyan Cyphers Of All Times

This is where rappers come together to prove they’ve got what it takes.Here is a list of the best Kenyan cyphers to date. 1.Khaligraph Jones: The Khali Cartel (2018) Blu … Read More

10 Most Beautiful Kenyan Celebrities 2020

There are many hot beauties in Kenya; it is the home of some of the world’s most attractive women.Here we make a list of the Most Beautiful Kenyan Celebrities: 1. … Read More

Top 10 Deejays In Kenya 2020 | Online trends

Top 10 Deejays In Kenya 2020 Ever wondered who are the Top 10 Deejays In Kenya 2020? There are tons of Disc jockeys in the 254 that are doing fine … Read More

11 Kenyan Celebrities Who Were Once Video Vixens | Online trends

1. Vera Sidika. Vera Sidika Mung’asia born 30 September 1989 is a Kenyan social media personality, celebrity, video vixen ,entrepreneur and socialite. Born and raised in Mombasa, Sidika gained media … Read More

2020’s Most Followed Music Genres Worldwide | Online trends

There is an unlimited amount of music genres in today’s world,here are the top 5 music genres worldwide. 1. HIPHOP MUSIC. Hip Hop music also called hip-hop or rap music. … Read More

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