MoneyChap Crowdfunding Platform Launch

Kenyan startup MoneyChap , which is a platform that allows both entrepreneurs, Creatives, individuals and organizations raise funds easily and securely for causes and projects that matter, just launched in Kenya in July through a partnership with local mobile money operators and Aggregators.

MoneyChap is a local fundraiser platform that allows Kenyan individuals to raise money from their immediate surrounding community i.e. friends, well wishers, donors, investors. Funds are easily and securely donated free of charge via mobile money.

Co-founder Enoc Mokaya says MoneyChap is set to help connect all verified and approved Fundraisers to crowdfund and raise money for their causes and projects.

We’ve launched MoneyChap to help connect those SMEs, Creatives, Entrepreneurs, Individuals, Organizations and even Enterprises that really need financial assistance and resources to help kick off their projects to the next level. The good thing about the Kenyan market, it’s that there is no such a big operator in this very field, and this is one of the reasons (with the analysis we’ve carried) that has enabled us come up with such a platform.

Enoc Mokaya

We at MoneyChap we are looking forward to serve all our clients, Users and partners with respective accordance keeping in mind the terms and guidelines, privacy policies.

MoneyChap is a fintech brand. And with awesome features That come along with the software we are really dedicated to have more live users. And we hope to get more partnerships.


He said that MoneyChap is not just like any another payments platforms but purely a local breed of Kenyan Fundraising Projects as we are looking to support Kenyans for Kenyans initiatives. 

“Asking about our revenue models, its actually simple, we only charge a flat rate of 5% of the total donations raised,” Mokaya said.

“By 2023 we really hope to be pushing about US $23 million through the platform. Keeping in mind there are also other big players in the industry but outside Africa,” Mokaya said.

The concept with MoneyChap is a potential one and we are open that it will work not massively , but strongly. You know most People want to track their live donations, how much has been donated in actual time, and how many have donated, and with our software you are able to get all the real time report


So here is How MoneyChap Works in Five Easy Steps:

1. REGISTER & VERIFY – Register account by keying in your personal details – Verify your account by Paying KES 10 Bob – To avoid Spams 

2. SETUP THE CAMPAIGN – Write a brief campaign description, add a photo or video, add target amount and add deadline date

3. SPREAD THE WORD ON SOCIAL MEDIA – Get Social. Tell friends about the campaign. Tweet, Facebook, Email to get people excited. Get your community involved in the project.

4. WATCH INCOMING CONTRIBUTIONS – Follow the inflow of contributions. Rally for more. On the deadline date, the funds are electronically forwarded to a verified organizer.

5. REQUEST WITHDRAWAL – Request instant withdrawal from your Fundraiser account dashboard after the campaign deadline runs out.

Let’s all register on the platform and enjoy the awesome Money Chap features here:

MoneyChap Crowdfunding Platform Launch
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