Ice Cube

Ice Cube’s Contract For Black America.

Rapper O’Shea Jackson better known as Ice Cube has always been vocal regarding racism and the entertainer recently presented a “Contract For Black America,” a detailed plan for addressing racism in America.

Ice Cube's Contract For Black America.

Ice Cube, as a member of the hip-hop group N.W.A. came out the gate in the group’s debut record titled “F*** The Police” back in 1988 in response to the treatment of Blacks in California by police officers. That was the start of a career where the realities of young Blacks were brought to light in the form of the hip-hop music he and his group created.

With the current change in climate toward altering the way the police deal with Blacks and with the fight against systemic racism, Ice Cube is rejoining the fight he’s been involved with since the sounds of N.W.A. reverberated through the streets.

Ice Cube is calling attention to police reform, reparations, and inequality within the halls of Hollywood.

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