Exray Miracle Boy

Exray & Peter Miracle Baby Beef! Ati Miracle Baby Ni Nini?

Things between Boondock’s Exray and Miracle baby is now on another level with Exray accusing the gengetone artist of being gay.

Exray & Peter Miracle Baby Beef! Ati Miracle Baby Ni Nini?
Peter Miracle Baby

In the recent past the two entertainers were calling out each other on social media exposing each others flaws.

In a video posted by Exray on Instagram,he narrates how Miracle baby was locked out by his landlord due to delayed rent payment and since he had no other place to go so Miracle decided to pay Exray a visit for some help.

However things started going south after Miracle baby took some shots to calm him down but instead things got out of hand leading to destruction of property and a fight at the crib according to Exray.

Exray in the video confidently confirms that Miracle baby is not straight and if anything he is ready to provide evidence to back up his statement.

He went ahead threaten Miracle baby to expose photos of him and his alleged boyfriend if he talked back at him.

Check out the IG video below:

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ati @petermiraclebaby ni nini?

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