Ethic Apologises as Their Latest Song ‘Soko’ Is Pulled Down From YouTube| News

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) boss Ezekiel Mutua, came out a few days ago to condemn the lyrics of a genge tone hit song called ‘Soko’ by Ethic saying the it is despicable as it promotes rape, prostitution or pedophilia.

“Do these perverted producers have children? How does a sane adult try to normalize rape, prostitution or pedophilia in the name of gengetone hits? The video Soko by Ethic is despicable immorality that should be condemned by all right thinking people,” Mutua.

The song’s audio was released two months ago but most Netizens took note of the lyrics after the video release 3 days ago.

An hour later after condemning the genge tone group,Mr Mutua The KFCB CEO announced that the video had been pulled down from YouTube following his institution’s complaints to the platform’s officials.

Following the stern action taken against them and the online trolls, Ethic through its official Instagram account offered a public apology and promised to release decent music in future.

”We owe an apology to our fans who have been nothing but supportive throughout our journey. It has come to our attention that our recently released Soko video unintentionally promoted ped*phili* culture. We are therefore sending out sincere apologies to all our fans and viewers at large. As a result we have made sure the video has been taken down, it is inaccessible and we shall not further upload it. Over and above, we sincerely apologise and we are working to release better music content in the future,” the post read.
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