Desire EP By Prayzzz

Desire EP By Prayzzz Now Available.

Prayzzz – The art of independence served with the self-awareness of an artist brings forth to what one would consider as a work of art.

Welded with Afro-fusion, pop, and RnB this EP or what we call the extended play does indeed cut across of what most were expecting, a masterpiece.

A follow-up from a previous project ALTE’ VIBES the energy packed in this project is a tour de force. Personally awed as to how of stylistic yet detailed this EP is and wordplay from Swahili to Pidgin and Yoruba.

It is as if one would want to learn Yoruba in every bit of the sense. Slowly yet seamless each song carries its vibes. I am saying this even month after its release. It feels like a renaissance of Wes Madiko in 21st century 2020 Africa, bringing out the pride of being African.

All of this just brings me to a full circle, PrayzzZ at his best when he does not attempt to refrain his pursuit of magnificence. The intro being Desire would not be any perfect opener for the project a matured opener.

Desire EP By Prayzzz

With samples that would be felt from his debut Album AFTERMATH, “if you” not only is it descriptive and does give what one would call terms and conditions to earn the heart a fantasy to an actuality.

This an EP that is ‘necessary-have’ in your playlist.

I feel that we needed more of tracks; refined with no abject criticism that is why I give the project an 8.5 I feel that we needed more of the perfection. An album perhaps? First, let us survive this COVID-19 scenario, which has put the world to a halt.

I believe that Nigeria’s heart and soul with a taste of Africa will keep afoot with the best of samples of tunes across the continent. Then Desire for quality will be bombast.

Desire EP By Prayzzz

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