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CSK Representatives Get An Early Access To Test The KECOBO National Rights Registry

Creative Society representatives have been granted an early access to test and review the upcoming Kenya Copyright Board National Rights Registry (NRR) Platform.

This access follows the letter written to KECOBO recently requesting for an update to the platform announced by the President on 6th April 2020.

KECOBO Executive director revealed that the NRR is one of the 4 modules planned in order to provide music rights holders an all-round solution in rights management, collection and distribution of royalties.

Roll out of the other modules will follow shortly after NRR is rolled out in a few days.

Rights holders of will be able to upload meta data for their various songs and ownership information into NRR which will affect how royalties are distributed by CMOs.

The CMO royalty collection and distribution modules will be interlinked with NRR.

Our understanding is that the CMOs are already carrying out trials of CMO-facing modules in readiness for the grand solution.

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