Burna Boy

Burna Boy On Social Injustices.

Nigerian Singer, Burna Boy, has added his voice to the protest against rape, racism, and other social injustices.

The 28-year-old wrote about the issues on his Instagram page when he joined the global trend by creatives against these injustices.

According to Burna Boy, people of African descent deserve better from the rest of the world.

On Instagram, the singer wrote:

Rape and racial injustice are crimes against humanity, they are vicious, insidious and violent acts that no human should commit or commend. 
The stance on rape should be linear and final, there should be no grey areas, no “buts”, only that the perpetrator(s) of the act is to blame and the victim completely blameless. 
From now on, men and women alike need to be educated. Men need to be taught the concept of consent, we need to teach them empathy and compassion. We need to teach men that a woman’s body is hers and hers alone. We need to end stigmatisation and victimization of rape victims, it must STOP.

Black people deserve and require more than we’re currently getting! I implore you all to get involved, no contribution is too small, no platform is too small #nojusticenopeace#justiceforgeorgefloyd#justiceforuwa#stoprapeculture#justicefortina#stoppolicebrutality#blackouttuesday

Burna Boy
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