Bupe Speak EP

Bupe Releases His Much Awaited 4 Track EP Titled “Speak”

Bupe ~ “Speak is a musical journey depicting authentic conversations with God. Sound waves laced with utterances of doubt, desperation, renewed hope and joy, are a glimpse of what my faith journey has been like. With this EP, I have highlighted the importance of having genuine moments with God. Moments so real that on the edge of desperation and uncertainty, I have simply embraced silence, and allowed God to speak. As a result of these experiences, Speak became a reality.

I am honored to invite you to tag along on this musical journey, praying that each lyric will ignite hope, and become an expression of your own personal moments of conversations with God. The journey to the EP started last year around April but due to a lot of things to balance and logistical setbacks it was finally completed in February this year.”

Bupe Releases His Much Awaited 4 Track EP Titled “Speak”


1). Back Home feat. Elandre, is the first song on the EP which talks about reconnecting with God, crying out to Him like the prodigal son, in desperation, while highlighting the internal conflict that many of us experience daily. Produced by Taz Goemi, He is also the voice on the chorus.

2). Holy Ghost feat Taz, is almost like the celebration that comes as a result of reconnecting with God. It’s a celebration of the power and availability of the Holy Spirit in one’s life. Produced by Taz, Chorus by Taz too

3). Speak is the title track which is basically a chilled and raw conversation about how inadequate I feel my faith is and the different thing about this song is instead of talking to God in the chorus, I simply embrace silence in order to allow God to speak. Produced by Rigga, Additional Voices on the hook by Rigga and Asta Hiza

4). I Pray is the final song in the EP which for lack of a better word is a Psalm fused with Proverbs ending in worship.  Produced by Taz

Additional vocals and harmonies by Asta Hiza

Speak” is now available in all music stores worldwide including Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, YouTube and Mdundo

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