Up Side Down 2020 Buju Banton

Buju Banton New Album “Upside Down 2020” Out Now!

Buju Banton has released his thirteenth studio album, his first since his return to Jamaica.

Up Side Down 2020 Buju Banton
Up Side Down 2020 Buju Banton

Featuring appearances from Pharrell, Stefflon Don, Stephen Marley, and John Legend, Upside Down 2020 is his first project since his release from prison in 2018. Featuring the previously released singles “Steppa,” “Memories,” and “Trust,” the record sees Banton in top form as though he never left. Blending sounds both modern and throwback, it’s a refreshing reintroduction to an artist who has undoubtedly influenced countless musicians during his career.

When Buju announced the album, he explained the relevance to these trying times in a lengthy statement.

“As we approach this shift in time, in ages, in the consciousness of man, many things can be said, but who is really listening?” Buju wrote.

“So much trouble in our world, yet are we aware? The battle lines have been drawn and it’s simple. Good vs. evil. I am not here to tell you the side you should be on, rather my offering of music is meant to inspire, uplift, educate and eradicate negativity from the minds of the masses.”

Born Mark Anthony Myrie, Banton, 47, has seen his career spike and spiral through the years. In February 2011 he won his first Grammy for Best Reggae Album, Before the Dawn—but one day later, his trial began.

Here’s the Upside Down 2020 Track List

  1. Lamb Of God
  2. Yes Mi Friend – feat. Stephen Marley
  3. Buried Alive
  4. Blessed
  5. Memories – feat. John Legend
  6. Lovely State Of Mind
  7. Appreciated
  8. Trust
  9. Cherry Pie – feat. Pharrell Williams
  10. Beat The Bath
  11. Good time girl
  12. Call Me – feat. Stefflon Don
  13. Moonlight Love
  14. Cheated
  15. Steppa
  16. The World Is Changing
  17. 400 Years
  18. Rising Up
  19. Helping hand
  20. Unity

Stream the Upside Down 2020 Album from the reggae connoisseur Buju Banton below:

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