Kenzo - Prayer

Amazing Reggae Vibes By Kenzo Matata – Prayer

Prayer’ is a song which has been anticipated by the fans for some time, and is globally played and acclaimed as a song of the times.

Produced by Hopetone Blazze of Ever Blazzing Production, the one drop Riddim dubbed “Prayer Riddim” is a Mellow and Sweet vibe, featuring instrument players from Dominica and Jamaica enhancing the elements, making you want to dance and sing to the sweet melodies and lyrics at the same time.

Mixed and Mastered at Ogopa Studios. Written by Kenzo Matata and Hopetone Blazze, Prayer lyrically gives an insight to the mind and thoughts of the contemporary generation and the spiritual movement of the counter generation, which was vocally captured beautifully by Kenzo.

It is a indeed not just anybody’s song but everybody’s! Growing up listening to reggae, Kenzo had long time, always felt the inspiration to express himself to his fans using reggae Riddim.

Meeting Hope tone some years back, he knew he had found the right producer. This is the 1st release from a very different perspective from Kenzo to the world. He takes a side step from “Boomba Twist”, with an ease which would amaze the best, and gives you Prayer, a moment which has taken 5 years of meticulous study of a Genre, of self-insight and uplift meant not only for the physical state of being.

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