”Aachane na hizo sideshows” Arrow Bwoy responds to Nadai Mukami’s Dating Claims | News


Nadia Mukami has been speaking about her secret love affair with dance hall artiste Arrow Bwoy, which they kept on the down-low after doing their song ‘Radio love’

She had previously denied dating the artiste after the rumors emerged but later admitted it saying that they tried dating but it turns out that the two actually dated but it didn’t work out.

Arrow bwoy who has never really come out to address the dating issue, in one of his recent interviews with NTV’S Antoneosoul,acknowledged Nadia’s prowess in the music craft but insisted that sideshows were not going to take her anywhere.

“I’ll give some advice to Nadia Mukami. She is one of the vibrant female artistes in East Africa. She has so much potential in raising our Kenyan flag high. However, she can only reach these heights once she channels all her energy into her craft,” ¬ Arrow Bwoy

“Aachane na hizo sideshows, hazileti shangwe yaani. Because the Nadia I know is the one I did a collabo with and I love the fact that she is a go-getter. Piga tu kazi. I’m your fan,” He added.

Watch the video interview here:

Author: muziki media